Snowshooter Imaging is the exclusive resort photography company at Snowshoe Mountain.  

Whether you are looking for a great action shot of yourself on the slopes, a cute photo of the kids in ski school, or a stunning family portrait with the Allegheny Mountains in the background, the professional photographers of Snowshooter Imaging are there to capture your vacation memories.  

So stop worrying about fumbling with, dropping, or damaging your costly camera, and... Welcome to Snowshooter Imaging at Snowshoe Click HERE to find your photos! Focus on having fun, and let us focus on YOU!
Snowshooter Imaging 
Shavers Centre at Snowshoe Mountain
PO Box 207  Snowshoe, WV 26209
304-572-5630     info@snowshooter.commailto:info@snowshooter.comshapeimage_5_link_0
Our photographer follows you and your group around for an hour of custom photography and tons of images. Includes a CD of all the high-resolution digital images taken. By Appointment.
Family Portraits on the snow - Fast, Fun and EASY! 
Gather your family or friends and head outside with one of our Pro photographers, who will pose and photograph you among Snowshoe’s beautiful scenery. Prints & Digitals sold by the image. Action photos on the slopes leave your camera at home!
Look for our big orange banners on the slopes and ski by our photographer in the orange vest! Our usual location is under the Powder Monkey Lift at Snowshoe. Photos available in-store or 
on-line the following morning.  Prints & Digitals sold by the image. CHECK OUT WHAT WE DO: Follow us on Facebook for photos of the day, discount coupons and price specials!